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Blanco Ventures: A New Perspective

At Blanco Ventures we are developing new strategies to find the most promising young businesses. We look to spot early startup winners even if their founders are still in university and graduate school.

Worthwhile deals are becoming harder to spot. Blanco Ventures uses innovative approaches to help create the next big ideas that will have a meaningful impact.

We follow our gut

Blanco Ventures invest in special founders with breakthrough ideas. Which means we don’t make investments based on a pre-existing thesis about a category.

Experienced team

Blanco Ventures team vets the business ideas through local branches in Mexico City, Monterrey, New York City, San Francisco, London and Shanghai. The seed fund makes typically 24 investments per year for around $15,000 apiece.

Long-term vision

The hope is that founders—with some guidance and a financial backing from Blanco Ventures—will be able to develop a promising startup idea even if its founder may be still working on term papers.

Take to the skies with Blanco Ventures

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